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About Us

Proudly working since 2001 in Puebla Mexico, more than 24 successful projects.

Established in Sweden since 2017.


We would love to hear your ideas here at Corzo Choppers!

Our mission is to give you complete satisfaction and go along with you, and to give you personalized attention until your dream comes true.

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I bought my '77 FHL Harley in 1990 from Janne Ramsel in México, that’s how I got into the kustom kulture and eventually one of the reasons why I moved to Sweden.


 Back in those days there were not many people customizing Harleys, at least in my town, so I started tinkering with it and 11 years later it became officially Corzo Choppers.


 It started with raking a bit the stock frame and changing the whole front end in Texas, after some years switched to a rigid frame, 230 rear tire, open belt drive with suicide shift, kickstart and no electric starter, then a custom made Softail style frame to accommodate the 4 speed gearbox with the same setup, 250 rear tire with a 10” over inverted front end and finally going back to the stock frame with a Fatboy style front fork, 5 speed gearbox, starter, closed primary and 18" big spoke wheels.


In 25 years it went thru a bunch of carbs, wheels, air filters, gas tanks, handlebars, seats, fenders and headlights. Most of what I know comes from my ’77 shovel.

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